Green Sunbird

Sustainable Banking


The Green Sunbird team have drawn up a blueprint for a bank dedicated to supporting communities as they develop energy sources for the long-term and infrastructure which supports a self-sufficient approach. We have developed a comprehensive implementation plan together with key partners, and we are ready to start work at short notice.

Our team of experts includes a number of senior industry figures from both the front office and supporting functions; our planning includes integrating functions carried out by partner firms with particular expertise in key areas. We have secured the services of a number of individuals with outstanding experience in those areas which we believe are of crucial importance.

Our overall plan develops the idea of the transferable Energy Interest, and includes provision for the integration of zero carbon construction, the cultural and social integration of the entire community, the conservation of fragile and threatened ecosystems and the support of enhanced self-determination for those communities which we serve. We are dedicated to sustaining the highest possible ethical standards, which will, we hope, match those of our sponsors.


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