Green Sunbird

Risk Management & Sustainability


Risk management is in many ways the key differentiating factor in banking. Traditional bank risk management requires a view to be taken on a number of parameters, and for that view to be reflected in the decisions of risk officers. A truly effective risk management regime also allows for a learning process, so that the lessons of the past are fully understood, and indeed developed, so that mistakes are not repeated either in whole or in part by any operating division.

The Green Sunbird risk management approach incorporates risk modelling in a greater number of dimensions compared to the traditional models. We believe that holistic risk management must incorporate valuations computed over a longer notional term than is currently the case, and that, where these are not available due to computational limitations, that effective proxies must be found. We believe we are in a position to start modelling the risk impact of non-sustainable business policies and practices, to run alongside traditional metrics.

We believe passionately in the development of proper accountability, which underpins our entire approach to risk. Without accountability, the whole concept of risk management is reduced to an empty shell; once accountability is established, a truly ethical operational policy becomes both possible and sustainable.


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