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Low Carbon Construction


There is a need for affordable housing which exceeds the current rate of construction. This problem is global and is not just going to go away. At Green Sunbird we believe there are real sustainable solutions that can be transformative when applied with other measures.

GreenSunbird’s senior management team have identified construction systems that are capable of bridging the gap in the market.

1.   What if we could find a way of building an affordable home in a manner that delivers  a high quality product for a genuinely affordable price WITHOUT Government subsidies and grants?

2.   What if these homes could be designed in such a way that they are affordable to own  and run?

3.   What if we could develop partnerships with Housing Associations that would deliver affordable homes that are designed to meet the highest code for sustainability?

4.   What if we could introduce structured investment finance at low interest rates which  allow the Housing Associations to expand their property portfolios by purchase or long term lease agreements?

5.   What if we could integrate micro generation technologies that facilitate local generation and consumption of power with minimal grid intervention?

Well,  we can  and the solutions are within touching distance.  Here.  Now.

There are a number of innovative construction systems that have been used in North America,Asia, Europe and Canada for the last two decades. These are not cutting edge technologies butproven solutions ready to be deployed to solve real problems

Two of these systems are worthy  of mention and one of them is capable of positively addressing all the  questions listed above. The two systems are:

1.     Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) and

2.     Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

ICF comprises two outer skins of  expanded polystyrene (EPS) and an inner core of concrete. The thermal  properties of ICF are exceptional and the running costs of such well insulated  buildings are very low.

SIPs is a system in which two outer skins are made from oriented strand board(OSB,) and the inner core is made from rigid insulating foam. It offers a real and immediate way to create high quality affordable housing in way that could make a significant difference to pressing problems in the short term. It could be described as the converse of ICF.

OSB is made with timber from  sustainable sources and the insulating foam can be derived from rape seed oil.The cost of SIP based homes is approximately 30% less than ICF and that is why  in the short term, they provide the greatest scope to make a difference.

Green Sunbird has successfully identified potential manufacturing and construction partners for ‘SIP’ based homes, and has commissioned a project to provide a full schedule of costs for a two bedroom affordable dwelling of 85 square metres.




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