What is Green Sunbird?

Systemic Solutions for complex problems


We face a number of complex and apparently intractable problems ranging from housing and employment through to the generation of sustainable and clean energy. At Green Sunbird we believe that the solution to these types of problems is in understanding their systemic nature and producing working, pragmatic, holistic solutions to them. Green Sunbird draws on a wealth of diverse talent and resources to deliver unique solutions for unique situations.

So what does this mean for the bottom line? It means that for every currency unit of resources input, you can generate at least three times the expected value of output.


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Nature Notes on the Green Sunbird

The green sunbird, a member of the family Nectariniidae, is found throughout much of north-west Africa, India, south-east Asia and the most northern tip of Australia. It thrives in lush green forest and is vital to the survival of many species of plant and insect. By feeding on the nectar of flowers, eating fruit and feeding on small insects, this bird maintains the delicate balance of the expansive ecosystem in which it lives. For more about the importance of this species in its ecosystem click here