Green Sunbird Energy

Green energy at a modest price through efficiency


Green Sunbird seeks to provide a realistic alternative to energy generated from fossil fuels. We identify projects and manage them for investors, capitalising on energy-saving so that both investors and consumers get a fair deal. We structure investment packages and manage risk so that investors without significant experience in these areas can diversify into renewable energy.

Our teams of experts engage in every aspect of renewable energy projects for our clients, providing expert services on a completely transparent basis. We work with local government, pension funds, companies and financial institutions to help provide energy resources for the future which are clean, sustainable and serve local communities best over the long term. We provide a complete package to provide a balanced portfolio of technologies which will stand the test of time.

Our techniques do not rely on “subsidy-farming” in any sense. We aim to provide services which are viable over the long term which do not rely on government intervention. We are able to provide above-average returns to investors and below-average prices to energy consumers through efficiency, disintermediation of high margin, low value intermediaries and by managing risk in new and innovative ways.


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